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Dental care that is close to home ---- and the heart

~ Passion. Fun. Experience. Caring. ~

Warren Y. Aka, DDS

Founder of Plateau Dentistry for Children est. 2001


After practicing dentistry for over 30 years, Dr. Warren Aka has retired from clinical dentistry. In his words, “My neck and back told me it was time to do something else.” What that “something else” is remains to be seen, but he is eagerly looking forward to his next career, and, with his son leaving for college out-of-state in the fall of 2022 and at least four years’ worth of non-resident tuition on the horizon, he promises there will be a next career!

The word “bittersweet” so perfectly describes Dr. Aka’s last day in the practice. Bittersweet is defined as something having a mixture of happiness and sadness. Leaving Plateau Dentistry for Children after so many years was a sad moment. Sad to say goodbye to the many longtime patients who grew up before Dr. Aka’s eyes. Sad to leave co-workers who were not just his friends, they were his second family.


However, leaving Plateau Dentistry for Children was a happy moment, too. Happy that Dr. Aka leaves knowing that Dr. Amelia Chim fosters that same family-like atmosphere that he tried to create. Happy that both new patients and “old” have come to appreciate and love Dr. Amelia’s chairside manner and caring nature. Happy that with her four young children at home, Dr. Aka can rest assured that Dr. Amelia will be here for a long time taking care of patients at Plateau Dentistry for Children!

Dr. Warren Aka
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