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Frenectomies and other soft tissue surgeries

~ Restoring natural anatomical functions ~

Dr. Amelia Chim is pleased to be the specialist of Maxillary (lip) or Buccal (cheek), and Lingual (tongue) frenectomy procedures to patients of all ages, infants to adolescents, using state of the art Laser procedure.

Lip tie, tongue tie, laser frenectomy
lip tie, tongue tie
laser frenectomy, lip tie, tongue tie

The latest research in sleep medicine and oral myofunctional therapy is showing that untreated lip and/or tongue ties that inhibits the proper resting position of the tongue on the roof of the mouth can lead to many health and growth issues. This ranges from poor feeding at birth, difficulty with and picky eating in young childhood, speech issues, mouth breathing, narrow palate resulting in crowded teeth, and sleep apnea. 

We provide treatment to newborns, that along with their mothers, are struggling to breastfeed due to the presence of either a maxillary lip-tie, buccal, and/or lingual tongue tie. We strongly emphasize the collaborative work with your lactation consultant and craniosacral therapy and bodywork after the procedure to help best re-establish proper breastfeeding for you and your baby.

We work very closely with speech, feeding, myofunctional, and osteopathic therapy for kids who are struggling with enunciation and ability to properly form sounds, having choking and swallowing problems, poor postures, and multiple negative compensatory behaviors due to the presence of maxillary and/or lingual tie. 

When indicated, a frenectomy procedures can be a simple, but often overlooked key element to your child's general health, sleep, growth, and development. It is important to be aware and become informed about the presence of "lip-and tongue-ties".

Laser Frenectomy
Lip tie, tongue tie, laser frenectomy Bellevue Samammish Issaquah Redmond Fall city
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