Effective Tuesday, May 19, our office will be open!  In order to keep our families safe, we have made several changes both in how our office looks and in the way we are doing things:

  • We are scheduling with social distancing in mind.  This means that we are limiting the number of families present at any given time in the office, and we will no longer schedule five unrelated patients at the same time.  As such, we ask that you be as flexible as possible when scheduling appointments.  Whenever possible we ask that only one parent or guardian accompany the child or children to the appointment in order to limit the number of individuals present at any given time.
  • Accompanying parents or guardians will be required to wear a mask during the entire time they are in the office.  We ask that you bring your own mask in order that we may preserve our stock of PPE’s.
  • We have cordoned off our two waiting areas to limit the number of touch points in the office and to ensure social distancing.  
  • We have installed  portable HEPA air purifiers at multiple locations in the office.
  • While the Treasure Tower was a much-beloved feature in the dental office, we will no longer allow our patients to use the tokens to choose their own toys because of the high touch point nature of the machine and the difficulty of sanitizing it properly after each use throughout the day.  Instead, we will provide a prize (or two if the child had x-rays done that day) from the tower when we give them the goodie bag with the toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.
  • We have set up a screening station with hand sanitizer just before entering into the clinical area.  We will screen each individual entering the office (this includes parents, guardians, accompanying siblings, even the UPS driver) by asking a series of questions and taking each person’s temperature using a touchless thermometer.  Any individual with a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or higher will not be permitted into the office and will be required to wait outside the office or in the car.  For this reason we ask parents who plan to drop off the kids to not leave the office until each child has had his/her temperature taken and we have determined he/she can be safely seen that day.
  • For those patients coming in for their six-month recalls, because the majority of parents and guardians will be waiting in their cars during the appointment, we have created a half-page report card that the dental assistants will complete for each child.  This report card will alert the parent or guardian as to the child’s oral hygiene status and whether or not additional appointments are required other than the next six-month checkup.  

For now this will be the new normal.  In the meantime we thank you for your patience, your understanding, and your willingness to be flexible in your scheduling in light of our social distancing guidelines.  


Dr. Warren Aka and the Staff of Plateau Dentistry for Children